Company profile

Founded in 2009 by alumni of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, ALA Network Technology Co., LTD is a provider focused on informatization and digital transformation in the higher education industry。ALA advocates the university information construction concept of "open ecology + microservice application", and provides related products and services for domestic and foreign universities based on self-developed or open source smart campus products based on private cloud and public cloud architecture。

ALA is always aware of the development trend of The Times, exploring the innovation and application of software technology。With a deep understanding and cognition of the higher education industry,It has provided smart campus related products and services to more than 30 universities, business schools and international schools,Covers: website group, online learning platform Canvas, digital campus basic products (SSO, video live platform, form/questionnaire platform, activity center, conference room reservation), large laboratory platform (asset management, safety education, safety inspection, large instrument and equipment sharing), smart union, foundation MIS system, etc。

Vision and mission


Software makes a wonderful world
To provide users with the most professional services


To be trusted by customers, proud of employees,
Industry-leading software company


Professional, simple and efficient
Win-win cooperation, openness and innovation

Development course

The excitement continues...
Rapid development
  • In-depth cooperation with 20+ domestic universities, and signed 10+ partners, business began to flourish
Rapid product formation
  • Launched four platform products, college website cluster, laboratory platform, form platform, online learning platform
Get investment
  • More than 3 million yuan of research and development funding support, embarked on the road of independent research and development
Team expansion
  • The business scale of the university has gradually expanded, and the number of team members has increased to 15
  • Start to sort out the common needs of colleges and universities, design new products
Company registration
  • Famous in the world, the business gradually extensive, involving many inconveniences such as collection and invoicing, so registered Shanghai Aila Network Technology Co., LTD., officially provide commercial services。
Initial team formation
  • The founding team provided network technology services to Shanghai Jiao Tong University while studying for doctoral and master's degrees。Gained entry-level experience in computer hardware, network equipment, website development, sakai online learning platform, etc。